Adrian N. Havelock is a Best-Selling Author of two books, Quilly award recipient and is listed in the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors in Hollywood Los Angeles, California. He is the Caribbean’s #1 Master Sales Trainer and helps corporate giants communicate better by using Sales and Emotional Intelligence techniques with his customised workshops.

Adrian is also a sought after speaker on various topics which includes sales, motivation, success, strategy and wellness. He has facilitated workshops in various industries from retail, fast food restaurants, oil and gas, energy, digital media, print media, labels and packaging, food and beverage manufacturing, finance, safety and automotive. He has been a guest facilitator at the Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business to educate and inform their MBA students on the reality of sales in business vs marketing and advertising.


He believes in following his passion and is also a Product Trainer for the BMW and MINI brands with KAPTA based in Bogota, Colombia. He travels to train various dealers on the new technologies, every time a new model BMW or MINI is launched.


His book is a written formula of his workshops on Sales, and he hopes it inspires you, and gives you the necessary tools needed for successful selling. So grab your copy today!