PrintreeTT, Supporting People and Their Passion Projects 


We have been hearing a lot lately about passion projects, these are things that we have always wanted to get done, that we dabbled a bit in on the weekends or our free time but we never gave it the focus it deserved. In Trinidad and Tobago, under the advisement of the Government, we are asked to stay home to help flatten the curve to end the COVID-19 spread. At PrintreeTT we noticed an increase in persons ordering photo books to showcase the portfolio of their works and in the space of a month we have partnered with two Local Authors to assist with the launching of their debut novels.  


Since our inception over two years ago, PrinTreeTT has always been a supporter of the local arts and artists. We consider our platform the perfect pairing for individuals looking to express themselves creatively and offer a wide variety of channels for them to do so. When the opportunity presented itself, we were happy to partner with persons who were looking to tell their stories through print.  Our Business Development Manager, Nekesha Bartholomew-Ramey, led the initiative in this arena, “I remember seeing Jamila Bannister posting on LinkedIn that she would be publishing her branding e-book. I reached out to her to inquire -why not have a hardcopy of the book?- It was through conversation that I was able to put together a plan that would be mutually beneficial for all involved. We then partnered with Daniel Francis, author of The Millennial Mind. Even though these have been remote relationships, we are reaping the rewards of teamwork in these trying times”. Grab a copy of their books here:


As a young company, being agile is of utmost importance. We were the first to bring Online Print-On-Demand to the Caribbean, and we want to continue being a company of firsts. A company that can enact decisions and pivot within a short space of time. Having met with our first author, internally as a team we decided on the best way forward for PrinTree to partner effectively with authors. Jamila Bannister gushes about her experience with the PrinTree Team by saying “I was so happy to work with PrinTree on this project. The cost to produce my book was reasonable, the quality is great, and I have it locally available for persons to buy and have it delivered to them- that for me was the seller.”  Quality control, high-quality output, delivering on time and top tier customer service remains our focus.  


The recent pandemic has surfaced a new spectrum of needs for everyone. Businesses have been required to implement innovative strategies that meet these needs and new circumstances of the “usual markets. That is what we mean when we talk about “Pivoting”. PrintreeTT continues to work with businesses (from entrepreneur to conglomerate). Let us all continue to showcase our adaptability and resiliency in this new climate so that we can pivot to success as a community.  


The Ultimate Guide to Printing Online in Trinidad and Tobago  

There are a number of printeries in Trinidad and Tobago and you might be wondering, where should I go to get my printing done? Can I print from my home and office and have it delivered to me?

Do I need to have a minimum amount to print?

Can it be a one-off job? What about design, can I do it myself? PrintreeTT is the answer to all those questions!  

Printree TT is a member of the TSL Group of companies and is the online arm of DocuCentre which was established in 1998. PrintreeTT is

the first to bring online print on demand (design and order online) to the Caribbean. With PrintreeTT you, the customer can design a product using online tools and complete an order, all from the comfort of sitting at home or at the office, without taking the time and effort of commuting to the print shop.

Here is your ultimate guide to printing online in Trinidad and Tobago.  

Decide what you want to print  

Before we can even guide you on how to print online you first need to decide on what you want to print. As an online print company we offer the same printing options as offline companies maybe even more. We offer print options for business, corporate clients or personal with no minimum or maximum quantities required. From PrintreeTT, your online printery you can print and have delivered to your doors items such as (but not limited to) Banners, Folders, Photobooks, Diaries, Planners, Photographs, Signs, ID Cards, Documents, Post Cards, Canvas, Business Cards, Letter Heads, Flyers, Posters, Signature Book . The list is exhaustiveand we welcome you to visit our site to see the various printing options.  


Visit and sign up for an account  

Once you have decided what you want to get printed, the fun begins! Log on to and sign-up for an account. By signing up for an account you become a member and being a member means huge discounts and access to sales before non-members. The sign-up process is easy, we will just need a few information including your name, email address, number. Once you have signed up you will receive an email asking to verify your email address, once verified, log into your account and get printing today!  

Select the product you want to print 

Once you’ve logged into your account you can select the item you want printed. The product list is exhaustive, but if you’ve reached this stage, I am sure you know exactly what you want to get printed. If you’ve recently opened your business, you might want to print some call cards or maybe you ran out of labels- select labels and move to the next stepFor customized jobs that you may not see online, feel free to reach out to us via our online chat, phone or via email and we will have a dedicated representative work with you to get it done.  

Design or chose a template 

Once you’ve selected the product you want to print you will be promoted to either upload the artwork. If you already have a logo or a design completed you can upload the exact artwork. If you are looking to design something- PrintreeTT can help! Click the “design your own” button and select from out numerous templates.The design interface is simple, easy to use, edit and you don’t have to be a graphic designer to work with the template. After creating your design from the template preview your proof to ensure this is exactly how you want the design. Once you approve the design we are good to go.  

Fill out order form 

Once you’ve finalized your design or upload your artwork, it is time to fill out your order. Select the quantities, the type of paper. The order will vary depending on what product but the general ask remains the same. If you have specific instructions for your order, be sure to fill add those comments to the comment box. Once you have completed your order details it is time to add to the cart!

Check out  

We are almost at the end of your order. At check out is where you decide how you want to pay. If you do not have a credit card to paonline we have the option of you coming into our office at 80 Woodford Street to collect and make payment. If you love the convenience and prefer to have us deliver your order to your home or office, pay by credit card and include the delivery option.  


There you have it, 6 easy steps to start printing online today.