1. Create the right image for your business

Nothing communicates your brand in quite the same way as printing. The ability to create high resolution images on superior quality paper or boards, or select from a range of textured or specialty stocks printed with creative or even quirky designs offers every business the ability to communicate the image that’s right for their business. A printed communication is tactile and permanent. It is a piece of your business right in the hands of your customer or prospect.

2. Powerful way to build brand equity

Successful brands become iconic because the market understands what the brand represents in terms of the key values of the organisation, its capabilities, and how the organisation is differentiated from its competitors.

Brand marketing is about much more than simply exposing the market to a brand image on a regular basis. It is about educating your market and becoming recognized as a relevant and meaningful business that people want to deal with. A printed campaign is an effective way to combine the imagery of your brand with effective sales messages and quality information that build equity into you’re your brand.

3. Educate your market – People buy what they understand

One of the quickest ways to win new customers is to educate them with quality information that helps them understand how your product or service can solve their problem or help them get what they want. The better they understand, the more they want what you’ve got. Printed information such as Newsletters, Fact Sheets and Direct Mailings are all highly effective ways to educate your market and get them buying from you.

4. Make your message last

When you do Marketing, you want it to last. Printed communications are intrinsically long lived. As long as the information you have created is relevant and of value to your prospects and customers, they can keep it for future reference even if they are not ready to make an immediate buying decision. Information Marketing tools such as Fact Sheets and Newsletters are an excellent way to keep your brand and your message in front of your market for weeks, months even years.

 5. Affordable marketing

There is a printed marketing solution for every budget. With digital printing, it is possible to print a short run direct mailing (from supplied artwork) for just a few dollars. As the quantities and complexity of the mailing package increase, so does the cost of the total campaign, but the economies of scale achieved with larger runs make the cost per contact very low compared to most media.

Direct Mail also has the unique assurance that your marketing is being delivered into the hands of a qualified, targeted contact, so you know that there is a high probability that your mailing will be seen, opened and read by a person with an established need or desire for your product or service.