PrinTree is a brand of The DocuCentre Limited

The DocuCentre Limited has been supplying local and regional customers with a wealth of quality printing for over 20 years. Our print technology comes with high definition output and quality. Our over-the-counter client services, in the local marketplace, will now experience the evolution to the digital domain, where access, affordability and convenience are paramount to productivity, in the new fast pace global economy. We have invested two years in research and development, to enhance the capabilities of our new online PRINTREE service to engage with everyone, whether it be Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs), entrepreneurs or home office professionals who require the efficient output of diverse printed collateral. PRINTREE is a powerhouse for sourcing, selecting and outputting your print needs from a remote location, anywhere, any day, anytime.


The DocuCentre itself is a member of the TSL Group of companies. Established in 1998, we provide Online Printing Services, document digitization services and digital print-on-demand products and services. Our Head Office is located at #80 Woodford Street, Newtown. The TSL Group operates throughout The Caribbean with offices in Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados. The DocuCentre has focused on helping our customers gain quicker more seamless access to print and other services via an easy-to-use web platform.


During the last 10 years online shopping became a bigger and bigger issue in every market in the world. One of the markets that was strongly influenced is the printing industry. “Print on Demand” (design and order online) lets you, the customer, design a product using online tools and complete an order, all from the comfort of sitting at home or at the office, without taking the time and effort of commuting to the print shop. The DocuCentre is proud to be the innovator of this technology in our region.  

About our Services:

Our services can be grouped into the following brackets:

  • Printing  - Utilizing our own technology and by partnering with other print professionals, we are able to offer a full listing of print services.
  • Design 
  • Document Digitization
  • Signage
  • Cards & Plastics
  • Promotional Items

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